A Berry Flavored Obituary

There’s a corpse in Elly Pickle’s bakery. Right between the ice cream cake and the frozen strawberries. 

Naturally, Elly is horrified. Not only is the victim frozen solid, but she’s a local pillar of the community in the small town of Huli Bay, Hawaii. 

The cherries on top of this terribly flavored cupcake? 

Elly’s just lost her beloved husband, an unreasonably tall detective won’t stop asking her questions, and if she thought business was bad before the whole “dead lady in the cooler” incident, she’s in for a surprise.

Turns out, the victim was her husband’s mistress. And Elly’s the only one with the keys to the bakery. 

With the detective set on bringing her down, Elly has got to figure out who committed the murder before she loses her peaceful life in this perfect seaside town. 

See if you can figure out whodunit before Elly does. Grab your copy of this cozy mystery in a brand new series from USA Today bestselling author, Rosie A. Point!


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About The Beach Bakery Cozy Mystery Series

When Elly Pickle finds a corpse in her bakery, in the small town of Huli Bay, she’s determined to figure out whodunit and save her business and her home.

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