Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Box Set 6-10

The next five books in the Bite-sized Bakery Series!

A new town, a new murder, and… five mysteries to solve

Ruby Holmes and her baking partner, Bee, have set up their food truck in the park in Muffin, Massachusetts, fully intent on avoiding mystery and mayhem. That is, until a local baker is murdered in broad daylight! As the prime suspects, Ruby and Bee must figure out whodunit before it’s too late.

But the baker isn’t the only victim in this cozy small-town. There’s the murder of an award-winning gardener, a long-lost brother in the campgrounds, a despicable death of a rich spinster, and then to top it all off, a local celebrity is shot dead in front of his fans. What are the baking duo to do? Why, investigate of course.

Ruby and Bee’s mystery-solving capers are set to reach new heights in this pleasant summer, winter, all-year-round read. Grab this box set and see if you can figure out whodunit before they do!

Books in this set include:


About The Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Series

Bakers, Ruby and Bee, travel across the States in their food truck, finding friendship and solving mysteries.

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