Buttercream Murder

Nothing goes down better than buttercream frosting. Except for murder…

When Ruby and Bee are invited to cater the Yesterday Debutante’s Ball, they’re thrilled. It’s a great opportunity to meet the locals and increase the reach of their baking food truck. It’s just a pity that the host of the party, a mom-zilla, can’t stand their sweet treat offering: a cherry, buttercream cake.

Apart from that, everything’s going great. That is until the dance starts and an attendee, the most hated woman in the cozy small town, is stabbed at the party with the knife that was used to cut the cake. It’s murder, and with suspicions mounting, the local sheriff on their tail, and a literal mob after them, Ruby and Bee have a lot of sleuthin’ to do.

Join your favorite baking duo as they figure out whodunit it in another installment of the Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery series. Grab your copy today!


About The Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Series

Bakers, Ruby and Bee, travel across the States in their food truck, finding friendship and solving mysteries.

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