Cheesecake Murder

This cozy small town has three major problems: butchers, bakers, and… murderers.

When Milly Pepper receives a stern warning from the local sheriff, she has every intention of doing exactly as he says and staying out of police business. She’ll stick to running her cafe, avoiding the local bakers’ group, and hanging out with her grandmother and her adorable pet bunny, Waffle. 

Solving mysteries might be Milly’s true passion, but the last thing she wants is to lose her father’s legacy, the Starlight Cafe. And the sheriff is ready to have her arrested if she so much as thinks about the “m-word.” 

But when a local butcher is murdered, and Milly’s beloved grandmother is the prime suspect, Milly must choose…

Solve the mystery and lose her freedom or stay out of it and see her grandmother put behind bars. 

Join Milly as she uncovers the secrets of Star Lake in the next installment of the Milly Pepper Mystery Series. Grab your copy today!


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About The Milly Pepper Mystery Series

When ex-cop, Milly, takes over her father’s cafe in small town Star Lake, Iowa, she’s not expecting to become embroiled in a murder investigation that puts everything she loves at risk—including her pet bunny, Waffle, and her beloved Gran.

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