Chocolate Chills

Which two things are dark, bitter, and satisfying? Chocolate… and murder

Charlotte Mission is no longer a spy-in-hiding. After a recent brush with the ‘underground,’ Charlie’s happy to be back at the Gossip Inn, serving as the assistant to her retired spy grandmother. This time, however, she’s got her sights set on capturing her ex-husband.

Kyle Turner has arrived in Gossip seeking revenge, and if Charlotte doesn’t stop him, there’s no telling how many people will suffer.

But everything’s under control. Charlie and Gamma are in position, and the agency is sure to step in before things get wild. That is until one of the assistants in the kitten foster center is murdered, sending the Texas small town into a blind panic. Can Charlie and Gamma solve the case and stop Kyle before they pay the ultimate price?

Find out in the show-stopping, cozy conclusion to the Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mystery series. Grab your copy today!


About The Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mystery Series

Spy-in-hiding, Charlie Mission, has to avoid attention at her grandmother's inn in small town, Gossip, Texas, or risk discover by her ex-husband--a rogue spy who wants to make her pay. Murder and mystery abound at the Gossip Inn.

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