Cocoa Conviction

Chocolate and Easter go hand-in-hand. Apparently, so does murder…

Charlie Mission, spy-in-hiding, has just gotten used to the ‘normal’ life in Gossip, Texas. She’s helping her butt-kicking grandma look after the inn, baking cocoa cupcakes for the Easter festival, managing the kitten menagerie at the Kitten Foster Care Center, and avoiding her ‘babysitter,’ Agent Smulder, like he’s come to steal her chocolate eggs. Or to sweep her away into the dark underground before her murderous rogue spy ex-husband finds her.

Not that she’d ever let that happen. Gossip is peaceful for once… until the Easter celebration goes horribly wrong. A man dressed up as the Easter bunny is shot in broad daylight. Suspects abound and most of them happen to be guests at the Gossip Inn.

With this much time to kill, Charlie can’t help getting involved, especially when the murderer claims a second victim. Charlotte and her grandmother must solve the case or their covers might be blown.

Join Charlie and Gamma on another cozy adventure in the Gossip Inn. Grab your copy today!


About The Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mystery Series

Spy-in-hiding, Charlie Mission, has to avoid attention at her grandmother's inn in small town, Gossip, Texas, or risk discover by her ex-husband--a rogue spy who wants to make her pay. Murder and mystery abound at the Gossip Inn.

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