Dachshund Through the Snow

It’s going to be a very murder Christmas…

Holly loves the small town life in Full Fork, New York, especially since she gets to spend most of her time walking the adorable dogs of the town’s elite. Or hanging out at her best friend’s pet cafe.

And the first day of Christmas is no exception to the routine. Until she arrives at her first client’s home to pick up an adorable Dachshund named Dixie and finds a corpse instead. 

The owner has been murdered! And as the last person who saw her, Holly’s got a bright red target painted on her back. She’s got to figure out whodunit before Christmas is ruined. 

Can Holly find the real killer with the help of her doggy friends? Find out in the first in this cozy Christmas trilogy. Grab your copy today!



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About The Very Murder Christmas Series

Christmas is aspiring dogwalker, Holly’s, favorite time of year in Full Fork, New York, especially when she gets to look after adorable dachshunds or sweet border collies—until she finds the corpse of a client under the Christmas tree, and she becomes the prime suspect.

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