Fusili Foul Play

There’s something foul in the fusilli at the Moretti’s house… Murder

Gina Romano has done the hard work of relaunching her family’s restaurant and it has paid off. But as the best Italian restaurant in all of Lake Basil, the Romano’s Family Restaurant has a huge target on its back. The Moretti’s are back with a vengeance, and they’re determined to see Gina’s restaurant shut down.

When the secret recipe for the crowd-pleasing fusilli goes missing, Gina knows who to confront—the Moretti family’s daughter, Lucia.

Until she finds Lucia’s corpse outside the Moretti house.

As the only one with a “reason” to hate Lucia, Gina’s the prime suspect. But clearing her name also means helping the Moretti family—and they aren’t willing to talk to her, let alone accept her help.

Can Gina clear her name in time? Find out in this fun, cozy culinary mystery from USA Today bestseller, Rosie A. Point. Grab your copy today!


About A Romano's Family Restaurant Cozy Mystery Series

When Gina launches her revamped Italian restaurant in Lake Basil, New York, she's embroiled in a series of murders that she has to solve... or she'll lose everything, family, friends, and restaurant included.

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