Lemon Murder Pie

There’s nothing sweeter than revenge. Except for lemon murder pie…

Life has returned to normal in Parfait, Florida. Unfortunately, normal is a relative term for Sunny Charles, who’s hoping that everything will stay peaceful in the Sunny Side Up Café. Her wishes aren’t answered.

 When Sunny’s aunt goes missing, she’s convinced that nefarious causes are to blame, ones related to Sunny’s looming past and newly deceased ex-husband. To make matters worse, a friend of Sunny’s new beau is murdered—a case of poisoning by lemon meringue pie. 

If Sunny doesn’t solve the case, she might wind up losing two people in one fell swoop. With strange figures watching her from under shadowy eaves, and the certainty that all is ill in this cozy small town, Sunny’s got to solve two cases in one. That or risk losing everything she holds dear. 

Can she figure out whodunit and free herself from her past? Find out in the final installment of the Sunny Side Up Cozy Mystery series—grab your copy today!


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About The Sunny Side Up Cozy Mystery Series

Newly divorced, Sunny wants nothing more than to restart her life in Parfait, Florida. But when her aunt leaves her in charge of the cafe, she's got her plate full. Especially, when a customer drops dead after trying Sunny's eggs.

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