Maple Drizzle Murder

On the list of ways to die, drowning in maple syrup has got to be the worst…

Milly Pepper has two loves: solving murder cases, and her pet bunny, Waffle. But life in the small town, Star Lake, Iowa, involves only one of those things–Waffle. The rest of her time is dedicated to running the failing Starlight Café. 

Still Milly’s determined to make the café a success for the sake of her father’s legacy, even though it means setting her aspirations aside. To take her detective’s test and solve cases in the big city. 

But when she wakes up one morning and finds her neighbor dead in front of the waffle station, Milly has to choose: investigate the case or lose the café for good. With a not-so-well-meaning sheriff breathing down her neck, Milly’s got to watch her step. 

Join Milly as she figures out whodunit in the first in this brand new cozy mystery series and see if you can solve the case before she does. Grab your copy now!


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About The Milly Pepper Mystery Series

When ex-cop, Milly, takes over her father’s cafe in small town Star Lake, Iowa, she’s not expecting to become embroiled in a murder investigation that puts everything she loves at risk—including her pet bunny, Waffle, and her beloved Gran.

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