Murder Boxed Up

At Romano’s Pizza Parlor, murder is always on the menu…

In small town, Lake Basil, Gina has finally gotten her uncle’s pizza parlor back into its authentic Italian shape. The new menu, including the pizza melanzane special, is popular and everyone wants a slice of the pie. 

Except for the newest restaurateur in town who happens to be opening a pizzeria right across the street. 

When one of Gina’s regulars is found murdered in the alleyway next to the parlor, she’s sure she knows whodunit—her chief competitor. 

But the local police, including the crotchety sheriff, have other suspects in mind. And they’re closing Romano’s until they catch the killer…

Can Gina figure out whodunit before the murderer strikes again? Find out in the second installment of the Pizza Parlor series and enjoy an afternoon of cozy mystery intrigue. Grab your copy today!


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About The Pizza Parlor Mystery Series

Gina Romano wants nothing more than to get back on her feet in Lake Basil, New York, until she arrives at her uncle’s failing pizzeria and finds the corpse of his chef. With her uncle as suspect number one, Gina’s determined to figure out whodunit and save her family business.

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