Murderoni and Cheese

What’s on the menu at the Sunny Side Up Café? Murder…

When Sunny Charles’ aunt comes back from her vacation, Sunny couldn’t be happier. Aunt Rita will take over and relieve all the pressure. No more dealing with mean customers, or worrying about when the air-conditioner will go on the fritz, or whether a local food vlogger is about to drop dead in the middle of the café.

At least, that’s what she thinks. Things never go to plan in Parfait, and when the dead body of her aunt’s worst enemy turns up on the beach, everybody’s convinced that Aunt Rita had a lot to do with it. That includes the ever-suspicious detective in town. With strange figures following Sunny and a threat that might mean she’s got more to worry about than just one murder mystery, Sunny’s determined. She won’t let her aunt take the fall for a crime she didn’t commit.

Can she solve the mystery before it’s too late? Find out in the fourth installment of the Sunny Side Up Cozy Mystery series—grab your copy today!


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About The Sunny Side Up Cozy Mystery Series

Newly divorced, Sunny wants nothing more than to restart her life in Parfait, Florida. But when her aunt leaves her in charge of the cafe, she's got her plate full. Especially, when a customer drops dead after trying Sunny's eggs.

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