Pink Sprinkled Murder

Catering a birthday party shouldn’t be this murderous…

Traveling bakers, Ruby and Bee, are thrilled to be catering an exclusive birthday party for one of the wealthiest families in their favorite cozy town. There’s cupcakes, sprinkles, dancing, and even the parents are getting in on the fun.

Until the local mailman is found dead on the doorstep. At nine ‘o clock at night. Nobody heard a thing, and with suspects and clues around every corner, Ruby and Bee are intrigued by the case. What better way to say goodbye to small town, Yesterday, Pennsylvania, than by solving the murder of the beloved mailman?

Can Ruby and Bee figure out whodunit? Or will this be the one case that got away? Find out in the next installment of the Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Series. Grab your copy today.


About The Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Series

Bakers, Ruby and Bee, travel across the States in their food truck, finding friendship and solving mysteries.

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