Raspberry Revenge

Murder can be the sweetest form of revenge…

Spy-in-hiding, Charlie Mission has gotten herself a boyfriend and that’s the least of her many problems. Life at the Gossip Inn is anything but simple, what with her grandmother’s Kitten Foster Care Center, the ever-annoying Jessie Belle-Blue always trying to throw a spanner in the works, and now… a ghost haunting the inn?

Not that Charlie believes in that type of thing. She’s positive the nightly hauntings have a sinister cause—namely her ex-husband and rogue spy, come to find her and punish her for outing him.

Before Charlie can properly investigate the mystery haunting, however, a local entrepreneur drops dead right after claiming to have seen the ghost. Charlie and Gamma are sure that the killer must be their common enemy… but can they solve the murder before he strikes again?

Join Charlie and Gamma in another madcap cozy mystery at the Gossip Inn. Grab your copy today!


About The Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mystery Series

Spy-in-hiding, Charlie Mission, has to avoid attention at her grandmother's inn in small town, Gossip, Texas, or risk discover by her ex-husband--a rogue spy who wants to make her pay. Murder and mystery abound at the Gossip Inn.

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