Strawberry Sin

What’s worse than Gossip? How about a murder…

Spy-in-hiding, Charlotte Mission, is determined to keep her nose clean—after nearly being exposed to the man who’s hunting her, her ex-husband, she’s not interested in getting involved in another murder investigation. That is until the local librarian is slain and her ex-spy grandmother is fingered as the one whodunit.

Charlie’s got to solve the mystery before grandma’s secret stash of weapons—don’t ask, don’t tell—is discovered, and they’re both carted off to federal prison. Or worse. But that’s not going to be easy, what with another agent snooping around, a literal fire to put out, and a new kitty shelter to run. She must solve the case before grandma goes to jail. Or breaks out of it.

Join Charlie and Gamma on another cozy adventure in the Gossip Inn. Grab your copy today!


About The Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mystery Series

Spy-in-hiding, Charlie Mission, has to avoid attention at her grandmother's inn in small town, Gossip, Texas, or risk discover by her ex-husband--a rogue spy who wants to make her pay. Murder and mystery abound at the Gossip Inn.

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