Sunny Side Up Box Set

Five cozy mysteries for you to enjoy…

When Sunny arrives in Parfait, Florida, she’s set on sun, sand, and rejuvenation after a messy divorce. She’s done dealing with her flaky ex, and the criminals he worked with. But when Sunny arrives at her quirky Aunt Rita’s cottage, all she finds is a grumpy cat and a note waiting for her…

Sunny’s expected to take over her aunt’s Sunny Side Up Café while Rita’s on vacation, and Sunny’s never managed a mood swing let alone a restaurant.

Before she knows it, she’s up to her neck in trouble, fielding complaints from a snobby food vlogger, serving cold chicken noodle soup, handling the eccentricities of the local baker’s club and… dealing with murder cases?

The mysteries are mounting, and they all revolve around her according to the local detective.

With so much to lose, her aunt’s café included, Sunny has to figure out whodunit before it’s too late.

Grab your copy of the Sunny Side Up Cozy Mysteries Box Set and indulge in this full series of cozy capers today.

Books in this set include:

  1. Murder Over Easy
  2. Muffin But Murder
  3. Chicken Murder Soup
  4. Murderoni and Cheese
  5. Lemon Murder Pie


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About The Sunny Side Up Cozy Mystery Series

Newly divorced, Sunny wants nothing more than to restart her life in Parfait, Florida. But when her aunt leaves her in charge of the cafe, she's got her plate full. Especially, when a customer drops dead after trying Sunny's eggs.

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