The Cannelloni Corpse

At Romano’s Family Restaurant, the cannelloni special is good enough to die for…

Gina Romano has decided to relaunch her family restaurant in small town, Lake Basil, New York. With her chef boyfriend, Jacob, on the staff and the menu increased to include pasta dishes and a new family aesthetic, she’s convinced that the new launch will be the biggest news to hit the town in years.

Until one of her new customers dies in the bathroom of the restaurant on opening night.

It’s murder by cannelloni poisoning, and her boyfriend, Jacob, was the last person seen with the victim or the cannelloni in questions

Gina will stop at nothing to ensure Jacob is cleared of the crime. With the local detective breathing down her neck, and convinced that her boyfriend is the one whodunit, Gina has to work out of sight to solve the murder. If she doesn’t, she might lose her restaurant and the man she loves.

Will Gina catch the killer in Lake Basil and clear Jacob’s name? Find out in the first installment of A Romano’s Family Restaurant Cozy Mystery series from USA Today bestseller, Rosie A. Point. Grab your copy today!


About A Romano's Family Restaurant Cozy Mystery Series

When Gina launches her revamped Italian restaurant in Lake Basil, New York, she's embroiled in a series of murders that she has to solve... or she'll lose everything, family, friends, and restaurant included.

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