The Case of the Shortcake Serenade

What do love, a serenade, and a box of shortcake have in common? Murder…

Charlotte Mission has discovered that there’s never a dull moment in Gossip, Texas. As the resident “fixer” in town, she’s used to strange requests. Especially since she’s developed a reputation as the woman who can solve any mystery, much to the local detective’s chagrin. 

When Charlie’s approached by a young woman in tears, she’s expecting a case of a missing cat, lipstick, or jewelry box. Instead, she’s asked to investigate the death of Gossip’s answer to Don Quixote—the town’s most handsome mechanic, who died serenading his girlfriend the night before her birthday. With little by way of clues, apart from a box of shortcake, Charlie has got her work cut out for her.  

She must find the one who killed the spurned lover before the murderer decides to make her the next target.  

Can Charlie and Gamma work out whodunit? Or will this be Charlie’s first unsolved mystery? Find out in the next hilarious installment in the Gossip Cozy Mystery Series. Grab your copy now!


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About The Gossip Cozy Mystery Series

Town "fixer," Charlotte Mission, has her work cut out for her, as she deals with strange murder cases, cats at her grandmother's inn, and all the cupcakes she can possibly eat.

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