The Gossip Cozy Mysteries Box Set

Six books of page-turning cozy mystery for you to enjoy…

As an ex-spy, Charlotte Mission is used to a high octane, thrill-seeking lifestyle. The exact opposite of what life at her grandmother’s cozy inn provides. 

There are cats to herd, complaining guests to keep happy, small town rumors to dodge, and plenty of… murders? 

When Charlie’s approached by not one but six different people asking for her help, she has to choose… Keep her head down, endure her boredom, and keep the inn safe or risk everything and solve the crimes to help her new town. 

Join Charlie and her grandmother, along with several mischievous cats, as they solve murder mysteries, use high-tech spy gear, and avoid blowing their covers. 

Grab your copy of this cozy mystery box set today and escape. 

Books in this set include: 


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About The Gossip Cozy Mystery Series

Town "fixer," Charlotte Mission, has her work cut out for her, as she deals with strange murder cases, cats at her grandmother's inn, and all the cupcakes she can possibly eat.

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