The Gourmet Burger Murder

What’s on the lunch menu today? Murder…

Christie Watson, private investigator, and burger aficionado, is ready for a welcome lunch break after a morning chasing after cheating spouses, missing cats, and stolen bracelets. Business isn’t exactly booming in Sleepy Creek.

When Christie heads out to fetch Aggy Dupin, her cousin and pretty much useless assistant, from the salon before lunch, the last thing she expects is to walk in on a murder. And her cousin holding the murder weapon. The owner of the Curl Up and Dye Salon is dead, and it looks like Aggy’s the only one who could’ve done it.

Christie’s got to prove that blood is thicker than water and solve the mystery before her only relative takes the fall for a crime she didn’t commit. Or did she…?

Find out whodunit in the second book in the Sleepy Creek Cozy Mystery series!


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About The Sleepy Creek Cozy Mystery Series

Christie Watson, private investigator extraordinaire, must help her cousin get settled into Sleepy Creek. And solve murder mysteries or risk losing everything she holds dear.

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