The Incorruptible Ivy Jackson and the Museum Murder

A stolen sapphire. A murder in the museum.

The Incorruptible Ivy Jackson and her border collie, Boo, are determined to clean up their home town of Somewhere, Ohio. Especially when they find a corpse. A trouble-making socialite has been bludgeoned to death in the museum, a shard of priceless sapphire discarded beside her. 

With corrupt police unable to solve the mystery, and a local criminal watching and plotting in the shadows, Ivy and Boo have an “unsolvable” mystery on their hands—and paws. The harder they seek the truth, the more suspects present themselves, and the higher the danger becomes. 

Ivy must solve the mystery before her town dissolves into chaos and she becomes the next target.


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About Rosie A. Point

Rosie A. Point is the new burger-lovin’ cozy mystery writer on the block. She’s passionate about all things ‘cooking’ and spends evenings devising new recipes to put in the backs of her books.

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