The Milly Pepper Mysteries: Books 1-3

Three books of page-turning cozy mystery for you to enjoy…

When Milly Pepper moves to small town Star Lake, Iowa, to take over her late father’s ailing cafe, the last thing she wants is to be embroiled in a murder mystery. She’s put her “sleuthing” days behind her, and she’d much rather spend time with her pet bunny, Waffle. 

But with the corpses and cases on the rise, Milly’s got to put aside her dreams and fears to solve three murder cases before she loses her dad’s cafe, her beloved Gran, and her new life in Star Lake. 

Grab this cozy mystery three-in-one today and settle in for an afternoon of reading. 

Books in this set include: 

Maple Drizzle Murder

Vanilla Sprinkle Murder

Cheesecake Murder 


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About Rosie A. Point

Rosie A. Point is the new burger-lovin’ cozy mystery writer on the block. She’s passionate about all things ‘cooking’ and spends evenings devising new recipes to put in the backs of her books.

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