The Ravioli Rub Out

The special ingredient in the ravioli at Romano’s Family Restaurant is… Murder

Gina Romano, budding restaurateur, loves running her family restaurant serving up delicious pastas and pizza pies. She’s made such a splash in small town Lake Basil, New York, that the local newspaper has decided to feature her successes on the front page.

But when Gina arrives for her interview, she finds the corpse of the reporter instead.

A murderer has struck, and Gina has her suspicions about whodunnit.

There’s a new family in town, the Moretti family, who have decided to open a competing Italian restaurant, and they don’t like Gina as competition. Or the fact that she got an interview and they didn’t.

With suspects everywhere she turns, Gina’s got to figure out who committed the murder before she winds up as the next victim.

Can our girl Gina solve the murder before it’s too late? Find out in this twisty cozy mystery from USA Today bestseller, Rosie A. Point. Grab your copy today!


About A Romano's Family Restaurant Cozy Mystery Series

When Gina launches her revamped Italian restaurant in Lake Basil, New York, she's embroiled in a series of murders that she has to solve... or she'll lose everything, family, friends, and restaurant included.

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