The Salmon Burger Murder

The worst way to welcome new neighbors is definitely murder.

Christie Watson has never been closer to discovering the truth about her mother’s murder—a cold case she’s been tracking for quite some time. She’s desperate for the truth, but it seems there are others who are desperate to keep her from finding it.

When her new next-door neighbor drops dead, the suspicion lands squarely on the shoulders of the two elderly women, who wouldn’t hurt a fly—but definitely a burger. Christie has to clear their names or risk losing them for good.

All while the true murderer watches from somewhere close by. Who could it be?

Enjoy another meaty burger bar mystery this afternoon. One-click buy your copy now!


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About The Burger Bar Mystery Series

Christie, Watson, homicide detective on sabbatical, returns to her home town, Sleepy Creek, to solve her mother's cold case. And enjoy loads of burgers at her friend's restaurant.

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