Vanilla Sprinkle Murder

Three cupcakes, two knives, and one dead body equals… An unsolvable mystery?

When Milly Pepper is invited to cater a closed-door Halloween party by the “popular people” of Star Lake, Iowa, she feels like she’s finally being accepted by the townsfolk. But when she arrives at the exclusive mansion on the outskirts of town, she’s kind of… creeped out. And not in the good “fake blood and vampire teeth” way. 

The occupants of the mansion, from the butler to the host, have dark secrets, and Milly’s determined to get her pay and get out while the getting’s good. 

Until the clock strikes midnight on Hallows’ Eve, and the power cuts. And… Milly Pepper stumbles over a dead body in the dark. 

It’s the host. And she’s been stabbed with one of Milly’s knives! 

If Milly can’t prove her innocence, she’ll lose her father’s café, her pet bunny, Waffle, and her freedom. 

Join Milly as she solves the unsolvable crime in the second installment of the Milly Pepper Mystery Series. Grab your copy today!



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About The Milly Pepper Mystery Series

When ex-cop, Milly, takes over her father’s cafe in small town Star Lake, Iowa, she’s not expecting to become embroiled in a murder investigation that puts everything she loves at risk—including her pet bunny, Waffle, and her beloved Gran.

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