The Bite-sized Bakery Mystery Series


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Murder By Chocolate

What’s the worst that can go wrong on a date? Murder.

Ruby Holmes wants to travel, sell delicious baked treats from her food truck, and never stay in one place for too long. Then the unexpected happens: upon arriving in Carmel Springs, Maine, she’s asked on a blind date by a handsome fisherman.

When Ruby goes to meet him, she finds his dead body instead. A murderer has struck, and the cunning detective who ‘runs’ the town names her as the prime suspect. Ruby can’t run, but staying might mean falling victim herself.

Can she solve the murder in time?

Marzipan and Murder

It’s a gorgeous day for a wedding… and a murder.

Ruby Holmes has finally settled into her four-week ‘vacation’ in cozy town Carmel Springs, Maine. She’s thrilled when she lands a catering gig for a local wedding… even if the client is a bridezilla of epic proportions.

When Ruby arrives to meet with the bride, the last thing she expects to find is her corpse instead, face plastered in Ruby’s highly unique marzipan frosting. Ruby’s suspect number one again, and if she can’t solve the mystery, she’ll be locked up while the real murderer roams free.

Creepy Cake Murder

What’s the scariest thing that can happen on Halloween? Murder.

Ruby Holmes is plenty excited to serve her cakes and goodies to the many trick-or-treaters in Carmel Springs, Maine. Halloween is here. Costumes range from fearsome to the funny, and when Ruby sees a clown jostling with a vampire to get to her cakes, she doesn’t think anything of it.

That is, until the corpse of the ‘vampire’ washes up on the beach, right in front of her food truck. Ruby’s not going to let this mystery go unsolved, even if it means annoying the local detective and the murderer themselves.

Can Ruby discover the identity of the killer clown? Or will he get the last laugh?

Murder and Meringue Cake

Birthday parties can be murder…

Ruby Holmes has never been a huge fan of birthdays, particularly not her own. But Bee, her partner in baking and best friend, has decided that she’s throwing Ruby a surprise party. It’s their last few weeks in Carmel Springs, Maine, and they’re going out with a bang.

When Ruby enters the darkened guesthouse, the last thing she expects is all her friends yelling ‘surprise!’ She’s delighted until the lights click on to reveal the dead body of Ruby’s sworn enemy lying in a pile of her birthday presents.

Can she solve the mystery of the birthday killer before she takes the fall for the crime?

Murder Under the Mistletoe

It’s going to be a killer Christmas…

Ruby Holmes is delighted to be celebrating Christmas with her close friends in Carmel Springs, Maine. The tree in the center of town is about to be lit, the mistletoe is up, and the town is decorated in reds, greens, and whites. Everything is perfect.

Until the lights come on and reveal the dead body of the mayor himself. It’s murder, and with very few leads for the local detectives to follow, it’s time to shut the town down until further notice—no celebrations, no parties in the street and certainly no caroling.

Can Ruby and Bee solve the mystery? Or is Christmas in Carmel Springs ruined for good?

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