Donut Murder

What do donuts, a radish farmer, and a small town have in common? Murder…

When baking duo Ruby and Bee arrive in Yesterday, Pennsylvania, they’re amused by the quirky name of the town and the equally strange behavior of its residents. They’re happy to park their food truck on Main Street and draw in customers with their delicious donuts until the worst happens… they find another dead body!

This time, a local radish farmer has been murdered, and right before the annual radish festival too. Even worse, he was poisoned after eating one of Bee’s donuts. The gals have got to figure out whodunit before Bee takes the fall for the crime and the murderer, and radish-thief, gets away.

Join your favorite baking duo in another madcap cozy adventure. Grab your copy today!


About The Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Series

Bakers, Ruby and Bee, travel across the States in their food truck, finding friendship and solving mysteries.

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