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Murder is a dish best served cold, sweet and vanilla…

The last thing spy extraordinaire Charlotte Mission wanted was an early retirement in Gossip, Texas. As an ex-spy, the inn is about as exciting as runny cupcake batter. But Charlie’s got no choice. It’s hideout in her grandmother’s inn or risk discovery by the rogue spy who’s out to make her pay.

Her ex-husband.

Being a maid and waiter at the Gossip Inn isn’t as simple as Charlie anticipated, even with a superstar ex-agent granny for company. Her first day on the job is a total disaster made even worse when one of the guests drops dead on the dining room floor.

It’s murder, and Charlie’s the prime suspect.

Can she find the truth or will her ex find her first?


What’s worse than Gossip? How about a murder…

Spy-in-hiding, Charlotte Mission, is determined to keep her nose clean—after nearly being exposed to the man who’s hunting her, her ex-husband, she’s not interested in getting involved in another murder investigation. That is until the local librarian is slain and her ex-spy grandmother is fingered as the one whodunit.

Charlie’s got to solve the mystery before grandma’s secret stash of weapons—don’t ask, don’t tell—is discovered, and they’re both carted off to federal prison. Or worse. But that’s not going to be easy, what with another agent snooping around, a literal fire to put out, and a new kitty shelter to run.

She must solve the case before grandma goes to jail. Or breaks out of it.

Join Charlie and Gamma on another cozy adventure in the Gossip Inn. Grab your copy today!


Chocolate and Easter go hand-in-hand. Apparently, so does murder…

Charlie Mission, spy-in-hiding, has just gotten used to the ‘normal’ life in Gossip, Texas. She’s helping her butt-kicking grandma look after the inn, baking cocoa cupcakes for the Easter festival, managing the kitten menagerie at the Kitten Foster Care Center, and avoiding her ‘babysitter,’ Agent Smulder, like he’s come to steal her chocolate eggs. Or to sweep her away into the dark underground before her murderous rogue spy ex-husband finds her.

Not that she’d ever let that happen. Gossip is peaceful for once… until the Easter celebration goes horribly wrong. A man dressed up as the Easter bunny is shot in broad daylight. Suspects abound and most of them happen to be guests at the Gossip Inn. With this much time to kill, Charlie can’t help getting involved, especially when the murderer claims a second victim.
Charlotte and her grandmother must solve the case or their covers might be blown.

Join Charlie and Gamma on another cozy adventure in the Gossip Inn. Grab your copy today!

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Murder can be the sweetest form of revenge…

Spy-in-hiding, Charlie Mission has gotten herself a boyfriend and that’s the least of her many problems. Life at the Gossip Inn is anything but simple, what with her grandmother’s Kitten Foster Care Center, the ever-annoying Jessie Belle-Blue always trying to throw a spanner in the works, and now… a ghost haunting the inn?

Not that Charlie believes in that type of thing. She’s positive the nightly hauntings have a sinister cause—namely her ex-husband and rogue spy, come to find her and punish her for outing him. Before Charlie can properly investigate the mystery haunting, however, a local entrepreneur drops dead right after claiming to have seen the ghost.

Charlie and Gamma are sure that the killer must be their common enemy… but can they solve the murder before he strikes again?

Join Charlie and Gamma in another madcap cozy mystery at the Gossip Inn. Grab your copy today!


There’s nothing more refreshing than mint. Except for murder…

Life at the Gossip Inn is anything but peaceful for spy-in-hiding, Charlie Mission. With kittens to herd, a vicious rogue spy ex-husband to hide from, a new boyfriend, and a case of missing mushrooms to worry about, the last thing Charlie needs is another murder investigation. Or more of the limelight—she’s trying to keep a low profile.

When an old Hollywood superstar, a close friend of her grandmother’s, comes to celebrate her birthday at the Gossip Inn, Charlies hoping to fade into the background and play the part of the help. Until she stumbles upon a dead body. With suspicions mounting, radio silence from the one contact she has in her agency, and a missing friend, Charlie’s got her work cut out for her. Luckily, she has her Gamma for support.

Charlie and Gamma must work together to figure out whodunit before the murderer escapes. Or claims another life…

Join this investigative duo for another crazy-fun cozy mystery in, Gossip, Texas. Grab your copy today!

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Which two things are dark, bitter, and satisfying? Chocolate… and murder

Charlotte Mission is no longer a spy-in-hiding. After a recent brush with the ‘underground,’ Charlie’s happy to be back at the Gossip Inn, serving as the assistant to her retired spy grandmother.

This time, however, she’s got her sights set on capturing her ex-husband. Kyle Turner has arrived in Gossip seeking revenge, and if Charlotte doesn’t stop him, there’s no telling how many people will suffer. But everything’s under control.

Charlie and Gamma are in position, and the agency is sure to step in before things get wild. That is until one of the assistants in the kitten foster center is murdered, sending the Texas small town into a blind panic.

Can Charlie and Gamma solve the case and stop Kyle before they pay the ultimate price? Find out in the show-stopping, cozy conclusion to the Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mystery series. Grab your copy today!

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Rosie A. Point

USA TODAY BESTSELLING Cozy mystery author

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