Have a Jolly Collie Christmas

It’s Christmas and there’s an extra special gift under the tree… A corpse. 

When Holly’s asked to dog sit several rowdy and intelligent Border Collies at a rich holidaymaker’s cabin in the woods, she’s signed up before the request has even left the elderly woman’s lips. What’s not to love? Collies, Christmas, and a snowy getaway at a cozy cabin? Yes, please! 

But when one of the guests at the exclusive cabin party is found dead under the Christmas tree, Holly knows things are about to get… mysterious. They’re snowed in, trapped in the woods with a potential murderer, and it could be any of them. 

Holly’s got to figure out whodunit, with the help of the smart Collie dogs, before another guest falls prey to the murderer. 

Join this amateur sleuth as she solves another Christmas mystery. Grab your copy today and snuggle up for an afternoon of reading!


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About The Very Murder Christmas Series

Christmas is aspiring dogwalker, Holly’s, favorite time of year in Full Fork, New York, especially when she gets to look after adorable dachshunds or sweet border collies—until she finds the corpse of a client under the Christmas tree, and she becomes the prime suspect.

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